Father’s Day: 10 Great Gifts During COVID-19

Father’s Day: 10 Great Gifts During COVID-19

It’s true that not all heroes wear capes. And among these are the unsung heroes in the family, the fathers. Although Father’s day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, we owe every day of our lives to them.

Fathers help you walk your first steps, ride a bicycle, do your math homework, and keep you safe from all manner of danger, like unseen pathogens spreading through the community.

It is not quite possible to ever repay them, but you can honor them on the 21st of June this year.

Confined in homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, you must be wondering: how do I manage to get a gift? Well, worry no more! Below is a list of 10 very thoughtful and easy-to-get gifts for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do It Yourself!

1. Cushions

One excellent way to express your love to your father is creating something with your own hands. It is not only sweet, but it also saves cash, and we all know that fathers love that.

A straightforward gift is to grab a piece of cloth and make a cushion. If you are not very good at stitching, take an everyday pillow. Sew a “World’s Best Dad” title or one of his favorite dad jokes on it.

2. Crafts

Create a handmade card and attach a sweet note in there expressing your love for your father.

3. Notebook

Pick an unused notebook. Take some loose wrapping paper and design the notebook’s cover page with anything your dad will personally love. Maybe write the name of his favorite band, cricket player, or a quote he loves.

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4. Headphones: a great Father’s Day gift

Now that everyone is at home, it does get noisy sometimes. These sure are stressful times, and working from home gets difficult for your dads.

So, buy him a pair of headphones and help him focus on work in the day, and relax with some music at night. My advise is to get noise-canceling headphones as they really make a different in sound quality and enjoyment.

headphones for Father’s Day Gifts For The COVID-19 Pandemic

5. Books: another meaningful Father’s Day gift

If your dad likes to read, order him his favorite author’s book online. An even easier yet impressive is to get your dad Kindle so he can read anything, any time he wants.

6. Universal Cable

At home, you do not always have all the cables that fit all the computers and mobiles. To make your dad’s life more convenient, gift him a universal cable adapter kit. These come in very handy in most homes!

7. Save Up

One thing your father would love is if you start helping him save up in these uncertain times.

Start switching off those extra lights and fans, do not keep the water running for long, and reduce your expenses while at home. Not only will it make your dad happy, but it will also impact your financial conditions.

You might also consider getting him some home automation gear to help with that – like the Lutron Caseta switches which can be programmed to shut off via HomeKit.

8. Cook: another impressive Father’s Day gift

Show your love by cooking your dad, his favorite meal.

Is it something complicated, like a pizza?

Well, get some help from your mom. It will show that not only do you know his favorite dish, but you are also ready to cook it for him. You could also get him a pizza stone, which helps make the pizza crust crispier and crunchier.

Cook for your dad at Father’s Day Gifts For The COVID-19 Pandemic

9. Movie night: a memorable Father’s Day gift

No going out to the cinema? Bring it to your house.

Set up a great movie to watch with your family. The good part is that you can choose a movie you know will be fun.

Pair it up with some popcorn and snacks, and you are good to go. Your father will have a great time with his family and get the chance to lie back and relax.

To make things even more exciting and emotional, consider getting a LCD Projector and bring the movie outside! We’ve been doing a lot of that while sheltering in place, and it is really fun to watch movies under the stars.

10. Help him out

Gifts do not always have to be an object. Sometimes, gestures mean even more. Offer to clean the garage, mow the lawn, iron his shirts, clean and wash his car, or serve him cold beer all day long. 🙂

Help your dad at Father’s Day

Start Planning for Father’s Day Today

Fathers do a lot for you, and you should not let a lockdown stop you from showing your love and care for him. Hopefully, this list of gifts will help you celebrate in full swing!

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Rich Mann lives in northern California and is dedicated to helping others survive and thrive during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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