13 Best Movies to Watch While Sheltering in Place
Movies to Watch while Sheltering in Place

13 Best Movies to Watch While Sheltering in Place

What’s the best way to pass your time when you are stuck with your loved ones at home? It’s to bring them all together and watch a movie! In this post, I am going to share my 13 best movies to watch while sheltering in place with your family or friends.

Here are the movies that you should definitely watch and enjoy while you are stuck in a place.

A Ghost Story

Feeling trapped at home? This perfect horror movie is a story of an unnamed man who haunts his own house after getting killed in a road accident. Rent or Buy A Ghost Story on Amazon.

Big Hero 6

Hiro and his giant inflatable healthcare robot is all what you need at this time. Team up with them to become a high tech crime fighter. Perfect for children of all ages! Rent or Buy Big Hero Six on Amazon.

Frances Ha

Wanting a human connection? Here’s what you’ll like to watch. This beautiful collaboration between Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig will fill your heart with love. Strong stuff for trying times. Rent or Buy Frances Ha on Amazon.

Groundhog Day

Staying at a place will make you feel like you are living the same day over and over again. Check out this delightful piece of entertainment directed by Harold Ramis. Even if you’ve seen this movie over and over again, it’s definitely one to watch again! Rent or Buy Groundhog Day on Amazon.

The Last Starfighter

This 1984 release is rated PG and will definitely entertain you if you are into video gaming. This one is great for the whole family and definitely belongs on my list of best movies to watch while sheltering in place. Rent or Buy The Last Starfighter on Amazon.

Lost in America

This 1985 satire will make you relive the memories you had when you were on the road, living your life like you wanted. This is peach directed by Albert Brooks and is a classic! Rent or Buy Lost in America on Amazon.

Out of Sight

Want to spend time luxuriating? You should definitely watch this neo-noir by Steven Soderbergh. Also, it has Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney sharing a screen. And we will not talk about the epic love scene in the movie. Rent or Buy Out of Sight on Amazon.

Space Jam

Why would you not say yes to a Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan combo? This 1996  movie has all the Looney Tunes and NBA stars making an appearance. OK this isn’t an oscar winner but it’s a fun time and that’s why it’s on my list of best movies to watch while sheltering in place. Rent or Buy Space Jam on Amazon.


Let’s indulge your paranoia, shall we? This 1998 thriller is focused on different mental illnesses, mysticism, and math. Starring Sean Gullette, you will never see a better portrayal of cabin fever. Rent or Buy Pi on Amazon.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Ever heard of the master chef Jiro Ono? Well, if you are looking for something satisfying, this 2011 documentary is up for grab. Produced by David Gelb is really meditative. Rent or Buy Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Amazon.


Have time in your hand? This 2 hr 37 mins long true-crime movie is arguably David Fincher’s greatest creation. It is, as the title suggests, about the infamous Zodiac Killer. Rent or Buy Zodiac on Amazon.

Attack the Block

This is a R-rated movie released in 2011 and is about a street gang trying to defend the country against an alien invasion. Kind of like we are being invaded today, but from a terrestrial virus instead of a space alien. Similar concept though. Rent or Buy Attack the Block on Amazon.

Midnight Run

This Robert De Niro starrer is something you would want to watch if you are looking for laughter. It is a Martin Brest’s film directed in 1988. Rent or Buy Midnight Run on Amazon.

Over to You

These movies are the best. We really love watching them over and over again. It’s the perfect way to spend time with your family. Have better suggestions? Let us know which movies you are watching and we’ll put them up here too! Feel free to comment down below.

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