7 Traits of People that Thrive in Pandemic

7 Traits of People that Thrive in Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on all of us. It has made our lives very limiting by forcing us to stay in our homes. But, is practicing quarantine and social distancing hard for everyone? It turns out that there are 7 traits of people that thrive in pandemic.

You will always find people who are having the time of their lives when such disasters happen. What is it that makes them different from the average personality?

In this post, we are going to discuss the seven traits of people that thrive in pandemic – be it COVID-19, MERS, or whatever. It will help you understand how you can bring a change in your life that will help you restore calmness and make you productive even when the world is virtually closed.

The 7 Traits of Thrivers

Here are the traits you must know that will help you survive the coronavirus pandemic with flying colors.


Introverts have a tendency to not like social engagements and enjoy solitude. They resist social activities and experience more productivity when they are working alone. Also, they feel more exhausted when they are in public. There are many famous successful introverts, so it should perhaps not be much of a surprise that these are people that thrive in pandemic.

Highly Conscientious

People who are more organized and have systems in place for everything associated with their lives often have a great time living in isolation. They are more adaptable and less distractible as well.

Very Agreeable

Qualities like politeness, compassion, and cooperation can go a long way when you are dealing with isolation. COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world into a lockdown and these qualities can definitely come handy.

Open to Experience

People who have a high curiosity and imagination levels often find themselves absorbed in books, movies, music, and other creative endeavors. Their openness to experience can really help them push through the lockdown and stay mindful. Mindfulness is one of the top characteristics of people that thrive in pandemic.

Low in Neuroticism

People are less susceptible to stress and negative emotions will thrive in the lockdown. Having better ability to manage stress will keep you away from the risk for anxiety and depression.

Emotional Stability

The lockdown can put you in situations where you might lose your temper or calm. This is exactly where things start to go wrong. People with emotional stability are more equipped to face isolation.


Most goal-oriented people are able to surf through the lockdown in a more productive manner. They have their goals set and are inching towards them every day without letting the isolation get to them.

Final Thoughts

Most importantly, the best way to stay productive during the COVID-19 pandemic is to accept the fact that the world is closed at the moment and the onus to stay productive is on you. This should trigger your mind to do things that you earlier didn’t even want to address.

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Rich Mann

Rich Mann lives in northern California and is dedicated to helping others survive and thrive during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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