Celebrate Graduation While Sheltering In Place: 12 Ways

Celebrate Graduation While Sheltering In Place: 12 Ways

The Coronavirus pandemic has canceled many important events of our life, including graduation ceremonies. Everyone looks forward to the day they can celebrate graduation. It is the event that marks the end of a significant chapter in our lives.

Celebrate Graduation While Sheltering In university

Graduation truly is a milestone that one would love to reminisce over in old age. It is an event that gift wraps a journey of years into cherished memories. Nobody ever wants to miss their graduation ceremony.  Worse, nobody ever wants a pandemic to cancel it. But who said, you should let it?

Celebrate, because you should! It may not be a celebration that you always wanted, but a party is still worth it! Below are 12 ways to celebrate graduation, even from home.

1. Go virtual

Meet your friends online for a zoom session and have your very own graduation ceremony at home. It is time to express how you feel about school ending.

Talk about what you plan to do next. To make things more exciting, organize a scripted ceremony where one of is the host while the others attend. Do everything you would have on an actual day.

Some ideas are listed below too!

Celebrate Graduation While Sheltering at home

2. Wear the gear at home – post photos

One fun way to celebrate will be to put your graduation gowns on for your live video call. The robes will let you feel the proper graduation vibes. Later, you can take photographs in them and post them on your Instagram accounts. You can create a collage too with all your batch mates.

wearing gear and Celebrating Graduation

3. Farewell video: a great way to celebrate graduation

A farewell video is a great way to relive all the good times. Put in all your experiences from the past few years. Moreover, add video messages of your batch saying goodbye to school. 

4. Game night

A game night is a cool way to connect and celebrate. Call all your friends to join a game of, maybe, Fortnite. Play and party in this unique and exciting way. Also, find out your friends’ favorite players and moves while you are at it.

5. Write posts

One way of expressing your feelings of joy and sadness is to write a heartfelt post addressing your friends. Show how much they mean to you and how they made your experience so memorable.

6. Titles – Guess Who?

A fantastic graduation ritual is to give each other titles. Some of you can switch things up and create exciting titles. The others can play the game of guess who to guess which title fits whom.

7. Personalized yearbook: another impressive way to celebrate graduation

A yearbook is a must! Collect quotes and photos online from your batch mates and put one together. It is easy and will become a memory you will cherish for life.

8. Send cards

You can send each other a card as your way to say goodbye. Spill your sentiments and make this graduation as exciting as possible.

9. Celebrate graduation with family

Graduation is not only about your friends but also your family. So, what if you cannot go out? Help your family to decorate the house, cook a fancy meal with candles and flowers, settle down, and celebrate. 

10. Diplomas

How to get your diplomas? Ask your school to mail them to you!

11. Drive down memory lane

It is a great feeling to reflect over old memories. Remember how we bunked classes or failed math? Then why not relive them one more time.

12. Goodbye Selfie Collage

Grab an everyday piece of paper. Write a letter on it and take a selfie. Join all the letters together to make a Graduation 2020 sign and post it on your Instagram.

Go Celebrate Graduation NOW!

It is not the grandeur of an event that makes it so unique or memorable, but the people who celebrate with you. Join your friends and family to celebrate in unique ways listed above. Honestly, this will be better than any graduation ceremony. Finally, congratulations on making it!

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