Change In Our Lives Due To COVID-19: 10 Major Changes

Change In Our Lives Due To COVID-19: 10 Major Changes

It would not be wrong to say that COVID-19 has brought change in our lives.

Nobody would have ever thought about how a virus that emerged in Wuhan, China, could change the lives of the whole world in no time! But it happened and happened at an unprecedented scale!

Almost every other country has now gone into a lockdown that has severely affected their economies. But more than that, it has resulted in many significant changes in our lifestyle.

From social distancing to working from home, nobody would have ever imagined attending meetings while laying on their sofas. A new normal has emerged during a global pandemic!

Life stands still for a few, whereas it is a new normal for the front line workers. Let us have a look at the few ways of how COVID-19 has changed our lives.

The COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives by social distancing

1. Greetings

No more hugs and handshakes? Yes, get used to this new normal now. It may be weird at first once the lockdown, but when all this is over, it will still make people more health and hygiene conscious.

2. No public gatherings: a disappointing change

With a stay at home order everywhere, there is a ban on public gatherings too. No more going to the malls, stadiums or even to the weddings.

The trend of shopping from home can last longer than expected. Because this pandemic made people realize that they went out unnecessarily for the work that could have been done from home. The guest list of weddings could also be limited to immediate family and close friends forever, in turn saving money!

3. Working from home

Coronavirus has somehow made our dreams come true.

Keeping in mind the rule of social distancing, companies worldwide have shifted to telecommuting. You no longer have to leave your bed for work or get ready (unless it is a video conference, of course!)

It is predicted that companies will now rely more on telecommuting even after COVID-19 is over, to cut down their expenses.             

4. No more dining out

To all the fast food lovers, yes, you can live without going out to eat burgers and pizzas! Coronavirus has led to more at home, healthy eating, and people who love it. Wholesome, home-cooked food is the new trend!

5. Closed schools

COVID-19 has disrupted the education system and has resulted in a halt to the examinations. It is leading to difficulties in the promotion to the next grades or admission into universities. However, the students might be happy, but it is still resulting in a waste of time.

6. Limited Travel

With most of the flight operations has closed, world travel is now limited. All the travel addicts are currently staying at home exploring new hobbies that we all should too.

7. More family time: a healthy COVID-19 change

Everyone was busy in their own lives and were always out or locked in their rooms. But this coronavirus has allowed the children to bond with their parents. And their parents to get to know their children better.

8. Increased sanitary measures: a necessary change

The consciousness that we might get sick has led to people being more careful and washing their hands regularly. Hygiene was not taken seriously before, but now it has changed our lifestyle and will further prove to be beneficial for our health.

The COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives and personal hygiene.

9. Economies/Markets crashing

This pandemic situation has resulted in a severe loss to businesses and their workers. People are losing jobs and crying for food. Even the most influential economies are now about to crash, leading to changes in prices, interest rates, and whatnot. It is leaving a severe impact on our present and future.

Markets crashing: a disappointing change

10. Fear/Anxiety: another serious change

As the day to day, life is at a standstill, the anxiety of losing jobs and managing expenses on the rise. Along with the fear of getting infected with the coronavirus. People are finding it difficult to cope up with this stress in their homes

Final Thoughts

It’s a fact that the COVID-19 has changed our lives, especially by confining us to the boundaries of our home. One can’t say if these changes are temporary or permanent. Adaptation is the only thing we can do right now.

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Rich Mann

Rich Mann lives in northern California and is dedicated to helping others survive and thrive during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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