COVID-19 Pandemic: 20 Best Blog Posts

COVID-19 Pandemic: 20 Best Blog Posts

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countless lives. In fact, the deadly coronavirus has hit more than four million people in 187 countries.

The whole world is in a state of lockdown, resulting in a massive economic collapse. Moreover, millions have lost their jobs and are trying to find a guaranteed source of income.

Amidst a panic worldwide, everyone is looking for answers, but there are countless wrong details spread across the internet. Therefore, people are getting misinformed.

However, there are few authentic sources of information as well.

Continue reading the article to find the 20 best blog posts on the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Healthline – Everything You Should Know About the 2019 Coronavirus

Recently published articles in HealthLine, this blog discusses disinformation, symptoms, preventive measures, and treatments.

2. Medical News Bulletin – Top 8 things to know about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus

This bulletin is providing extensive details on how to prevent infection. Therefore, this is one of the best blogs on the worldwide pandemic.

3. New Scientist – COVID-19

This elaborate blog discusses the origins of the virus. Besides, it explains how the disease spreads from an infected person.

4. The Indian Express – What is coronavirus pandemic?

The Indian Express is available in both English and Hindi. It discusses the pandemic effect on the world economy.

indian blog Posts On The COVID-19  Pandemic.

5. Medical News Today – Novel coronavirus: your questions, answered

This informative article compares the past viruses and discusses the ongoing research on viruses as well.

6. Gates Notes – The first modern pandemic

Bill Gates himself has written this one. This 24-minute read is one of the best pieces of writing on the pandemic.

7. Medium Coronavirus Blog

The blog has regularly updated and includes topics like drug treatments, loss of jobs in the medical field, and more.

 Medium blog Posts On The COVID-19  Pandemic.

8. CDC – What to Do If You Are Sick

The article guides the readers well. Additionally, it lists the necessary steps one should take after contracting the coronavirus.

9. Medical News Bulletin – What can past viral outbreaks teach us about the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This article is one of the best sources for all readers. It briefly compares the current outbreak with past ones such as the Ebola outbreak.

10. WebMD – How Does Coronavirus Spread?

This research explains the spread of coronavirus. Furthermore, it provides details on virus transmission and infection from groceries.

11. Thermo Fisher – How does a COVID-19 test work?

The article answers one of the most common questions about the disease.

12. Healthline – What Is the Best Type of Face Mask for You?

It provides an expert opinion on which masks to use. Therefore, this blog is a must-read.

13. WebMD – The Great Invader: How COVID Attacks Every Organ

The article focuses mainly on how COVID-19 relates to diabetes, skin problems, and more.

14. Healthline – Risk of Death from COVID-19 Four Times Greater for Those with Diabetes

This Healthline blog explains why diabetic patients should be more careful right now.

15. Medical News Bulletin – Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic in Children

It is the ultimate guide for all those parents feeling concerned for their children.

16. Medical News Bulletin – Examining mental health and COVID-19 Pandemic

This one is recently published and highlights critical issues. For example, it sheds light on the development of mental problems in healthcare workers during the lockdown.

17. ZDNet – How to track the coronavirus: Dashboard delivers real-time of the deadly virus

This article explains how coronavirus cases are being tracked throughout the world.

18. IMFBlog – The Great Lockdown: Worst Economic Downturn Since the Great Depression

The article puts light on the collapse of the world economy due to the pandemic.

19. Ottawa Citizen – As the world approaches 4 million confirmed cases. Can life return to normal by early summer?

Author Chris Aung-Thwin has discussed what to expect after the COVID-19 Pandemic passes.

20. The Conversation – What will the world be like after coronavirus?

Lastly, an economic expert presents a detailed view of the expected future.

Stay well-informed about the COVID-19 Pandemic

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