How To Make Money On Twitter During the Coronavirus Pandemic
How to Make Money Online with Twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Do you have a Twitter account? Am sure you have one. The good news is that you can make money on Twitter during this COVID-19 pandemic. Are you wondering how? I am going to share with you a number of legitimate ways in which you can use Twitter to make an extra cash even as you stay at home. All you need is an optimized Twitter account and a sizable following.

Promoting Sponsored Tweets

If you have a good number of following on Twitter, it means that you have a wider reach and you can establish a huge influence. There are companies out there that you can collaborate with and you start promoting their sponsored Tweets.

Identify your market niche and figure out the kind of information or products that they are looking for and share similar sponsored Tweets and you will get some cash.

Promoting Affiliate Products

Apart from promoting sponsored Tweets, you can also make money by become an affiliate marketer on Twitter. In affiliate marketing, you will earn a certain percentage every time there is a successful purchase or signup through your affiliate link.

One of the biggest advantage of signing up for Twitter affiliate marketing is that most brands don’t require you to have a very huge following. They are all interested in the end results and you can be part of it provided you are able to make successful sales or subscriptions. Just research about some of the popular affiliate marketing platforms and you can join them and start making money during this COVID-19 pandemic period.

Selling Your Own Products

Do your research and determine the most products that are in high demand during the Coronavirus season in your area. You will then source for these products and start promoting them on your Twitter account. Your following are your primary target customers and you can also create ads to even reach a wider audience.

When you sell your own products, you get full profit as opposed to a percentage that you can get when promoting products as an affiliate marketer.

Create Twitter Ads For Others

Twitter Ads are used by companies and individual online entrepreneurs to reach their target audience much faster. If you are good at content writing and design, you can learn how to create Twitter ads and start offering your services to other people who do not have time create them.

Most of the companies outsource such services and you can be one of the beneficiaries especially during this period of Coronavirus pandemic when more people are working from home. Twitter ads are easy to create and you can even get several gigs from different clients in a day.

Therefore, if you are struggling to make ends meet during this COVID-19 crisis, it’s time that you give Twitter a chance. Apart from being one of the leading social media network for latest news and developments around the globe, you can use it as a money making platform that you can count on during this hard economic times.

Create an account on or and get started writing ads!

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