How To Make Money on YouTube During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Make Money on YouTube During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How To Make Money on YouTube During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has rendered many people jobless globally due to restrictions of movement, closure of businesses and lockdown measures in a bid to maintain social distance as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control). Right now, most people are staying indoors and you will find people spending a lot of their time watching videos online – so why not try to make money on YouTube like so many others have done?

 If you are looking ideas of making an extra cash during this COVID-19 pandemic, YouTube is one of the avenues which can make you money (and potentially a lot of it!). It has over 1.5 billion visitors monthly and you can also have a share of the pie and earn in the following practical ways:

Become a YouTube Partner

By joining the YouTube partner program, you get a chance to earn money through ads. All you need is to create an account and link it to your AdSense. If you don’t have one you need to create one first. After you have created your account, you need to click the YouTube studio and select monetization. You will then read and understand how the program works including the terms and conditions before you sign your preferred payment method.

Once everything is setup, you can then upload your videos. Once you begin to get views and subscribers, you will start earning a passive income. You can also subscribe to YouTube Premium for more features.

Selling Your Own Merchandise

Do you have products that people are demanding most during the Coronavirus pandemic? You can create video that showcases these products. When people are searching on these products online, they will likely come across your channel and they will contact you for a deal. YouTube is one of the best platforms that can give your online brand and products a lot of publicity to your target audience.

Many people do not realize that YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world (Google is #1, and Google owns YouTube). It is relatively easy to get a YouTube video to be among the very first search results on Google. If you have a product to market, making an optimized YouTube video for it will get eyeballs on your product fast.

Upload Informative Content and Seek “Fan Funding”

Are you an expert in a certain field and you can create good content that is relevant and can help many people around the world as they try and navigate through the COVID-19 storms? You can upload such informative content with tips that will help people cope with this situation. Once you have gained a good number of fans, you can in a polite manner ask for “Fan funding” support.

If your content is great and adding value, am sure you will get financial support from your fans so that you can continue with your good work on YouTube. Check out Patreon as a way to do this.

You Can License Your Online Content To Media

 If you have viral content in YouTube that is gaining a lot of views and comments, chances are that you will be approached by several media companies who would like permission to use your content.

You can monetize the rights to use your viral video to TV news stations, online news site, and other big online companies in your niche. Such deals can even come out of just creating a simple but funny clip that is creatively created with a sense of humor in order to appease many people who will make it go viral especially now that most people are always online. You should check into companies like Newsflare for these sorts of opportunities.

Don’t just spend time relaxing at home while your pockets are empty, YouTube is a great platform that you can leverage on to make good money during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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