How to Make Money Online in the Age of Coronavirus

How to Make Money Online in the Age of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a global pandemic, a virus that has affected 3.66 million people around the globe (and counting!) and forced the rest of the world to go into lockdown. With this, restaurants, offices, malls, hotels, and almost every business enterprise have shut down, causing millions of people to lose jobs, working hours, and financial stability. Because of this, many people are wanting to learn how to make money online in the age of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is not only a health crisis but, undoubtedly, an economic crisis too. Globally, it has impacted almost every sector in the economy and people at nearly every level in society.

The people struggling the most in these unprecedented times are daily wagers, people with no contract-based employment. Such people need an alternative source of income the most right now. And it’s a tiresome hunt!

 For all those looking, below is a list of ways to make money online during the age of coronavirus:


One of the fastest ways to make good money is through freelancing with your unique skill set online. Offer your professional skills to earn some cash. For example, if you are a software engineer confined to his house due to lockdown, you can offer online coding services. This way, you will also keep practicing your skill.

Resources that might help:

Tutor online

With schools, colleges and academies shut down, and parents are looking for online tutors to help their students. If you are good at something, be it math or music, and have the communication skills and patience of a teacher, then this is the best time to use them. For example, if you are good at English, you can start teaching now on VIPKid.

Give away opinions

Surveys are what genuinely value your opinions. Imagine not annoying someone with those opinions and getting money in exchange. That is the dream life. Online surveys take a tiny portion of your daily time and allow you to earn some extra cash. Now that every penny matters, all you got to do is offer your opinions on 5-30 minute surveys and get paid up to $50-$100.

Survey Apps that will help:

Clean out and sell

With so much time at hand now, you can go on a cleaning spree around your house: closets, drawers, storeroom, and those cupboards you can never reach. Get cleaning and collect all the items you do not need and can sell online on websites such as eBay and OLX.

Write, write, write!

Have you aspired to become a writer? What better time to start? There is a list of sources ready to pay good money on accepted articles that you can write in the comfort of your home. Go to:

Create your very own unique content

You can showcase your talents in different ways. If you are a good chef, a bodybuilder or maybe, a nutritionist with helpful tips, you can create a website or your very own YouTube channel. You can create content every day now that you have so much time. You can record yourself playing the piano, violin, or any instrument of your choice or give online lessons on how to design clothes. Do anything that you want! It may not be an ideal way to make money, but it is a good option, nonetheless.


These are the six easy and fantastic ways to make money online during this global quarantine. For now, there is no way to determine how long this pandemic might last. So, get your work gloves on (along with those masks and sanitizers) and make some money.

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