First, we want to dispel a few common myths about thriving and excelling during the Coronavirus Pandemic that we keep seeing. So much of the information out there is all doom-and-gloom.

Here though is the reality: everyone, everywhere, is re-inventing themselves for the age of coronavirus. Everything about our daily lives has changed, and nothing will ever be quite the same going forward.

But change is inevitable. You need to embrace the change, or be swept aside. The fact is, there are winners and losers in any economy. This site is all about how you can be a winner in the pandemic.

They say that more millionaires were minted during the Great Depression than at any other time in U.S. History. Likewise, during the Great Recession of 2008, countless fortunes were made.

Do you think for even one moment that there won’t be many new billionaires created as a result of the disruptions created by the Coronavirus?

Of course there will be. And you may have no desire to become a billionaire. And that’s fine, who really needs a billion dollars anyway?

But how about a million? A million dollars doesn’t go so far today as it did during the Great Depression, of course – but for most people around the world, a million dollars on the balance sheet would make all the difference for their lives and for their families.

And that is what is all about. It’s about inspiring you, motivating you, and showing you the myriad ways that anyone – even people of modest means – can become incredibly successful at this time.

Many dominoes are falling. Businesses will close. Entire industries may be driven out of business. But entirely new businesses and industries will be created. Let’s discover them together, and find the opportunities that present themselves in the Coronavirus crisis.