Top 20 Stocks to Buy for Coronavirus

Top 20 Stocks to Buy for Coronavirus

COVID-19 has pushed the entire world into a state of uncertainty. The impact of this pandemic is multi-dimensional. It is quite early to speculate how fast and secure the world will bounce back. It seems though that everyone wants to know the top stocks to buy for Coronavirus, and that’s what we’ll cover in this article.

It’s not just the social life that has been affected. Markets have shut down globally, and the economies are sliding into recessions. Downsizing, layoffs, and pay-cuts are happening quicker than expected.

Everyone needs an alternate or a completely new source of income to survive, so there is great interest in knowing what stocks to buy for coronavirus. It may sound a little dumb, but the investment is an option to consider. Everyone’s playing a gamble in this situation, including the governments. And there’s no better money-making gamble than investing in stocks; you may ask any market nerd!

Hot Stock Tips for Coronavirus
Don’t miss these top stocks for Coronavirus

This article lists the 20 best stocks to buy for Coronavirus aka the COVID-19 pandemic. These particular stocks are going to thrive after the situation cools down, so you will learn you go on!

1. Amazon

While in quarantine, people have resorted almost entirely to online deliveries for most items. And who’s known for this service better than Amazon?

Amazon’s shares have already had a more than 25% increase this year, which is an all-time best.

2. Microsoft (MSFT)

Microsoft’s services continue to grow. With more people working from home, their products, such as Microsoft Teams, are being increasingly used. Their shares have increased so far by 9% this year.

3. Facebook/Snapchat

These stocks will benefit for obvious reasons. People, especially younger individuals, are spending more time on social media, such as Facebook and Snapchat, while they’re locked indoors.

4. Teladoc Health Inc (TDOC)

Teladoc is a massive platform to communicate with health professionals online. With people confined to homes, the use of such services has risen significantly!

5. Gilead Sciences

It is a company that’s helping in the fight against the virus. One of their antiviral drugs, remdesivir, may potentially become a standard prescription for coronavirus patients.

If this is a safe and effective drug, it could potentially bring this company (already having a substantial range of drugs) even more growth!

Gilead Sciences is sure to be a winning stock pick
Gilead Sciences is sure to be a winning stock pick

6. Clorox

Clorox is a brand that makes cleaning products. It produces products like hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and bleaches. As you know, these items are high in demand. Thus, Clorox is likely to grow.

7. Zoom Video Communications (ZM)

The use of Zoom’s online conference meeting services has increased dramatically since the spread of coronavirus. Business meetings, healthcare consultations, and even classes have shifted online, and many are utilizing Zoom in particular.

8. Walmart

Walmart’s online services will profit because of more people doing grocery shopping online. This stock has already risen by about 9% in 2020.

9. Nike

People are likely to resort to more outdoor activities, such as sports when the COVID-19 situation settles. Hence, the sales in Nike’s sportswear will go up. That is due to its excellent brand name and digital presence.

10. Nautilus/Peloton

People are buying more home-gym equipment to stay on track with their fitness goals while in quarantine. Hence, companies like Nautilus and Peloton selling equipment and exercise bikes are likely to profit!

11. Activision Blizzard

Video games have become everyone’s favorite time-kill because self-isolation means no hangouts! Companies like Activision Blizzard with popular gaming franchises like Call of Duty are likely to grow!

12. Salesforce

Salesforce is another company that is going to grow during the pandemic due to its cloud-based services.

13. Home Depot

As people are spending more time inside their homes, the inner creatives are waking up to new interior and décor ideas. It gives home improvement retailers such as Home Depot the potential to grow!

14. Coty/Estee Lauder

Cosmetics and personal care may be a growing market during the pandemic. Because staying home doesn’t mean people don’t want to look good anymore.

15. Slack Technologies (WORK)

This company offers workers services to communicate with each other. Their use is growing significantly since more people are working from home.

16. D.R. Horton

This housing company can potentially benefit in a post-pandemic world due to an increased demand for house building.

17. Waste Management

This company is making technological advancements that will likely save millions of dollars in the coming years!

Waste Management for Coronavirus
Waste Management is a hot stock for Coronavirus

18. Alphabet

Alphabet has Google as its primary subsidiary. Many users enjoy online services, such as mail, Chrome, Android, etc. Over the long-term, the company is going to grow even more significantly.

19. Costco

Since people have been stocking up on household items during the pandemic, Costco sees much higher sales.

20. Quest Diagnostics

This company is helping in the fight against coronavirus by offering services to analyze tests. You can also order their antibody tests online!


By investing your extra money, you can make these tough times financially secure and more productive too! The stock market has gone through a lot of gyrations in this COVID-19 pandemic but a lot of people are making a killing in this time – so why not you? Using our list of top stocks to buy for Coronavirus you’re sure to come out ahead.

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