Work-at-Home Gigs During Coronavirus
Work at Home Gigs for Coronavirus Pandemic

Work-at-Home Gigs During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the normal working environment in the private sector and many employees across the globe have lost their jobs or suffered reduced income as a result of lockdown and business closure. The people are staying at home, the more job losses. But did you know that there are a group of people who work remotely and still earn a good income through work-at-home gigs?

If you have lost your job or you are looking for a new way to generate cash while you stay at home, we have compiled a list of services and sites that are hiring remote workers. If you have soft skills, you can work at home and still earn a decent income as a freelancer or independent consultant.

 Let’s look at these work-at-home gigs.

Virtual Assistant Services

Are you experienced in customer service and administration? You can monetize these skill by working at home as an online virtual assistant. More companies are now operating through various online platforms and they need someone who will help them either answer calls, send emails and respond to clients, preparing and distributing business related documents among other administrative duties.

If this is something that you can do, try working with sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, Zirtual or Fiverr. There you will just create an account and you will get hundreds of virtual assistant requests which will allow you to work-at-home and make a steady income.


Transcribing involves listening to audio files and then you convert them into text. For instance, there are people who work at home as medical transcriptionist. All that is required is to have the recorded medical dictations, a desk, computer and earphones.

There are also other individual and corporate transcription projects that you can apply and transcribe while at your home during this COVID-19 pandemic. Reach out to hospitals or physicians if you have completed a post-secondary medical transcriptionist program and you will get plenty of work from home gigs. Also check online sites and job boards which hire independent transcribers for more work-at-home opportunities.

Online Training and Tutoring

Do you have skills that you can teach people online? You can also cash in during this COVID-19 pandemic. Schools are closed and more people are staying at home. You can start a YouTube channel or an e-course to teach students new projects, languages or DIY crafty projects.

There are also many institutions which are now hiring remote teachers and tutors. For example, try looking for these kinds of jobs on ZipRecruiter.

Web Development

Are you a web developer, a designer or an IT specialist? You can also get well paying work at home gigs during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Companies such as LiveArea, RedHat, and Oracle are looking for remote database administrators, Linux engineers, front-end architect among other soft skills.

You can also sell your services online through various freelance sites such as Upwork, Freelance, SimplyHired among others.

Social Media Manager & A Freelance Writer

There are so many individuals and corporates who don’t get time to have their business social media pages up to date. Therefore, if this is something that you love, you can work as a social media specialist during this period.

 Also, there are hundreds of individuals and corporates looking for new content to publish on their website. If you are good at writing, you can create an account on various remote work sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr and you will get a lot of freelance writing gigs.

Although, the Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected millions of employees and it has led to loss of millions of jobs, it has also accelerated the growth of work at home gigs and many more people are going to view it as real work. Don’t stay idle again, pick a gig from the ones suggested above and try your luck! Persistence pays.

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Rich Mann lives in northern California and is dedicated to helping others survive and thrive during the global COVID-19 Pandemic.

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